10 Tips To Get Rid of A Headache Quickly When Working Overtime

It’s impossible if someone has never felt a headache . Especially if you are at a productive age or actively working every day. Plus if the headache comes when you are overtime. A quick and effective way to deal with headaches that you need to get the job done quickly. Then is there a way to deal with headaches that can be done easily and not interfere with work?

How to deal with headaches that are fast and effective

Maybe if a headache arises when at home, you can immediately lie down and rest to relieve symptoms. However, the situation is different when you have a headache at work.

Work demands that accumulate and must be completed in a limited time often make you not have time to take medication to relieve headaches and may even sometimes have to endure pain.

For that, you need to know how to deal with headaches that can be done quickly and not hamper the process of working. Here are some practical ways to help relieve headaches that are felt while working.

1. Take headache medicine

Reported at EverydayHealth, Jack M. Rozental, MD, Ph.D., a specialist from a hospital in Chicago stated that almost all headache medications in pharmacies are useful to help relieve tension-type headaches.

“Taking a drug consisting of a combination of several ingredients is an effective way to deal with headaches,” Rozental said. One of the headache medicines consists of paracetamol, propyphenazone, and caffeine which is fast and effective in relieving headaches.

2. Drinking water as a quick way to deal with headaches

Dehydration is one of the most common triggers of headaches. When the body starts to lack fluids, one of the symptoms or signs that you can feel is a headache. Headaches occur because of brain contracts or shrinks due to a lack of fluids. This mechanism causes the brain to move away from the skull and trigger pain.

Always try to drink water or any form of liquid to avoid dehydration while working. If in the morning you feel thirsty and then start working without meeting fluid needs throughout the day, it is almost certain that headaches will occur when working overtime.

You need to keep drinking water while working. Don’t forget to drink water at home after work. This is done to avoid thirst in the morning because thirst, when you wake up, is a sign that you have experienced mild dehydration.

3. Stop working for a moment to move

Sitting all day during work can also trigger headaches. Pressure or tension on the upper back, neck, and shoulders is the cause.

Avoid sitting for too long. Always take the time to move to get physical activity for at least 25 minutes five times a week. You can work around this as a way to walk around the office to greet friends or park the vehicle a little further from the office.

4. Gently massage the neck and around the temples

No special ability is needed to massage the neck and the area around your temples because this is a quick way to relieve headaches.

Massaging both parts can help relieve tension or severity of headaches that may be caused due to stress. In addition, massaging will also increase blood flow.

5. Increase caffeine intake

Often people need coffee to stay awake while working. But not only to fight drowsiness, but caffeine can also be a way to relieve and overcome headaches. So do not be surprised if you find a headache drug that also contains caffeine as one of the ingredients.

Caffeine can also help headache medications with other types of pain medications such as acetaminophen work better. There are also headache medicines that contain a combination of paracetamol, propiphenasone, and caffeine so it is more practical to consume and can be an alternative if you need caffeine but don’t like coffee.

6. Overcome headaches quickly by way of relaxation

Stress is the main source of several problems in the body, including headaches. Headaches can occur due to tight neck and shoulder muscles. Therefore, learn some breathing techniques for relaxation or stretch your muscles on the desk to make the muscles feel lighter. This fast way can also overcome headaches due to stress.

7. Pay attention to food and drinks consumed

If you often get headaches every time you work or overtime, there may be problems with the food consumed. Every food and drink you consume can affect or have an impact on headaches.

It’s also important to keep eating on a regular schedule. Try not to miss every meal hour. When you are hungry or not getting enough food and drink, it can cause headaches. Headaches occur due to decreased blood sugar than usual.

Headaches when working are sometimes difficult to avoid. The various stresses which then cause stress are part of a routine that inevitably has to be endured. Do some quick ways to overcome the headaches above to help relieve headaches.

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